Tinsley Cooling Towers

A landmark in South Yorkshire for over 70 Years

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By Mike Bellwood ARPS

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History of the Tinsley Cooling Towers


It was in the 1930’s that they where built, standing over 250ft high, at first glance they looked identical,  but closer inspection showed slight differences in design. The power station which they cooled was closed down in 1970, but as they stood only some 50ft away from the busy M1 and the Tinsley viaduct. They presented a problem to the then Central Electric Generating Board.  The only safe method available then was to to demolish by hand, The towers remained for many years becoming a much loved land mark for the people of South Yorkshire, who new that once the towers came into view, they were nearly home. The building of the nearby Meadowhall shopping centre added to their fame. Recent figures suggest that about 100,000 vehicles passed the towers daily.


After many millions of pounds spent on strengthening the viaduct, it was finally  decided that using modern blasting methods it would be safe to demolish the towers. The owners of the site E-on have decided to build a new £60m Bio Mass power station capable of producing some 25Mw of power. Despite the petitions and campaigns to save them on the night of the 24th of August 2008 watched by thousands of people the towers finally fell.  


Over the years The Tinsley or Meadowhall Towers have inspired works of art, poetry and even been used as the back drop for wedding photographs.


This collection of Photographic art images have been created by Sheffield Photographer Mike Bellwood,  An Associate of the Royal Photographic Society he has been producing fine images for many years. All these images have been printed  onto Archive quality traditional photographic papers and should not be confused with inkjet prints.  

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