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Helpful hints and how to get the best out of your images

For a quick estimate email us a copy of your image



We can produce great images from......


Digital pictures

Paper photographs

Transparencies & Negatives (including glass) (35mm to10x8)

Pieces of cine film for Stills  images only


The easest way to send us your images is as an attachment to an email, jpegs only by this  method. pics@photographretouching

Email attachments should be less than 10Mb if you have larger files  please send them on a disc or as several emails. If you ahve other file types please send them on a disc. Never send us by post the only copy you have of a valuable original, always keep a copy or scan just incase it is lost in the post!


Sending us digital images If you are emailing images please send them as Jpegs as they take less space, do not compress them less than 6 to ensure no loss of quality. If you prefer to send us images in either Tiff or Bitmap please send them on a disc by post.


Exposure It is often possible to lighten up a dark or very dark image and produce excellent results but it is  very difficult to make a good Photograph from an over exposed or  very light image, as it is impossible to create detail or texture in a burnt out white area of an image. If you have several images of the same subject some very dark and some very light it is often possible to create a good photograph by combining them together this technique is very useful to retain detail in the shadow and high light areas of a photograph.


Fuzzy Pictures It is possible to make a blurred picture to look less soft but it will never look as good as a sharp image.


Colour correction If your image has a bad colour cast it is often possible to reduce or completely remove the colour error.


Colour calibration Computers and printers as well as the human eyes see images differently. This is why the output from one camera or printer may be different from another. The image files we return will be balanced to give good results on printers which have been correctly set up,.You may find it necessary to fine tune your printer controls to adjust the image to your suite your personal preference. If your image has a bad colour cast it is often possible to reduce or completely remove the colour error.


Colour replacement To change a colour with in an image to a different colour is straight forward, ie the colour of a dress or machine.


Closed eyes/Head or face swop  please supply an additional image of the same person with the eyes open, this should be taken at a similar angle and if possible also with the same lighting and size as the original.


Backgrounds replaced or removed,  we have a wide selection of background images suitable for most subjects from painted studio back drops to images, textures and single tones.


Product repairs or modifications Often images of prototypes of products need enhancing or changing prior to publication. In a brochure.


Black and white tints Convert a whole or part of an image to B/W can produce great eye catching effects.


Raw Files some high quality camera can produce raw files as an option. These are basically the image data straight from the image sensor, they are very useful when colour correcting images taken indoors without flash.  These images tend to have very large file sizes, it may be better to send these to us on a disc in the post..


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