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Faded Print Restoration Service

Why have my prints faded ?

There are many factors that may make a photograph fade or change colour, Day light or the ultra violet it contains, is the one most people know about, but what about prints kept away from the light in a draw or album ? Although excess  temperature or humidity may be a factor. Chemical reaction is the most likely culprit, The prints where not washed fully before being dried or the mounting board and glue the prints where attached to, had excess acid or alkaline. Over the years photographic processes have improved greatly and modern papers have very long expected life. It is very odd that progress has not always been smooth, the change from full paper based prints to resin coated papers, led to a period when the older prints where definitely more stable!

Send us a scan or your print  for a  free estimate and we will tell you how  we can improve  and the best way to save you photograph.

This is an example of a Dark Fade print, it changed colour even though it was kept in an album

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It’s a great shame when photographs become faded and lost to future generations, our skills are the result of many years of experience in both conventional and digital imaging. It never ceases to surprise the amount of detail we can often pull back from a badly faded print, even some of which is almost invisible to the human eye