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Retouching for Commercial


Making the ordinary look WOW

Often the most exciting and challenging images we work on are for industry, These range from simple background removal or replaced to complex stitching of several images together to make a single photograph.

Colours Corrected    

Product Faults Repaired

Skies Changed

Backgrounds Removed/Replaced

Special Effects

Lighting Effects Applied

Size Format Changing

The quickest way to receive a no obligation quote is to email digital files to pics@photographretouching.co.uk Email attachments should be less than 10Mb if you have larger files try sending them on several emails or even pop a disc in the post. Never send us by post the only copy you have of a valuable original, always retain a copy  just incase it is lost in the post!

Read our hints page before sending us your photographs.

The Highest Quality Retouching. at an excellent price.

Personnel Removed/Replaced

Eyes Opened

Montage Several Images Together

Text or Graphics Adding

Image Sharpening

Image Noise & Pix elation reduction

Etc Etc................